Our Kingdom Gospel

God created us to live in a good world.  We broke it with our sins.  God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to restore it.  His word helps us see a good God.  His death was the perfect sacrifice for our sins.  His resurrection fixed what we broke.  God's Spirit celebrates this restoration.

Our Process:
Sow Kingdom Gospel

Live life in a "Rooted Group" or 3D Group.   We will call each person to daily ask these three questions:  God how can you be so good, who do you want me to love, and what do you want to say to me?   Our gaol is to help people say yes to God then ask Him what He wants next.

Serve Your Neighbor:

Help people find their "one" community service, activity, or sport.   Encourage everyone to become a good neighbor, and then learn how to tithe.

Share Gratitude

Help people to cultivate an attitude of grattiude, love their neighbor, give gratefully.